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Balancing Business And Breakups

Balancing Business and Breakups

We’ve all heard it.  Separate your business and personal life.  But lets face the facts, it is so much easier said than done.  We’re human.  We’re emotional beings.  You cannot ignore the pain that comes accompanied with a break up or any emotional turmoil in our personal lives for that matter.  Be it death, divorce or simply cutting someone toxic from your life.

The problem with entrepreneurs is that we think we are invincible and that we can keep going.  I can do this.  I can keep the balls in the air.  Im fine.  You’re not fine. You cannot do this alone.  But you know what? That’s ok.  You know what else?  This too will make you stronger.

This blog was inspired by the amazing entrepreneurs in my life, by their stories, their turmoil and shared struggles with the idea that it can empower people going through the same struggles.  I write this from my own recent experience and heart.

You are left with so many questions when life throws a curve ball.  What do I do now?  Where do I even start picking up the pieces?  More importantly, how do I not let it affect my business and or job?  My journey led to the following steps I took.  My heart is that sharing my journey will encourage you to dust yourself off, pull straight your tiara and make a come back with out losing your mind or your business.

Step 1. Get real

We do not want to share our intimate lives with our staff or colleagues.   I agree.  But unless you are a machine, there are bound to be a few emotional outbursts of which they will be on the receiving end.  Tell them that you are experiencing a personal setback and that you may need to lean on them more than usual for a while.  They will be more understanding and sensitive to the situation than you realize.  My staff certainly stepped up and made life more bearable.

Step 2. Cut the negative

Hand difficult clients over to relevant staff for a while, where possible. Cut complete contact with the toxic relationship putting you in this situation and get ready to change your mind set regarding negativity.  Now is the time to set boundaries for yourself and others.  A book that helped me tremendously shift my mindset was the secret by Rhonda Byrne.

Step 3.  Find YOUR mojo again

We often get so caught up in business and our jobs that we completely loose ourselves in the process.  Its a nine to five rat race.  But we do not realize it because other than business we focus on a significant other.  It fills that void. Until now.  Now that person is gone together with our passion and motivation.  This is the time to focus on you.  Do a 90 day as well as a five year goal plan.  Read a book you’ve never read.  Take up a hobby you actually love.  Learn to spend time with you again. Find your why! Check out this link where Simon Sinek talks about exactly that:https://youtu.be/u4ZoJKF_VuA , it is mind blowing stuff. You cannot make staff, clients or your bottom line happy if you as business owner or even worker are not happy.  Take a step back and put yourself first for a change.  Try downloading an affirmation app on your phones app store and fill it with positive affirmations to be reminded of daily.

Step 4. Surround yourself with mentors that inspire you

My favorite go-to saying is surround yourself with like-minded people.  They rub off on you. make you positive, and support your newly discovered dreams and visions. They push and inspire you to be a better person.  This step for me was critical.  My mentors knew me well enough to know I can do better than crawl into a heap of self pity.  It can be a friend, a mother, a sister, a colleague , a business coach or fellow business owner.  If you need a wake up slap at some point- they are the people who will give it to you.

Step 5. Now let go and Live

Michelle, A friend who recently went through her own journey recently me gave some amazing insight.  As driven entrepreneurs we are used to what we touch turns to gold.  A failed relationship is often so out of your control that it drives you insane. We want it turned to gold. It is what we do.  You want to fix it. You want to control it.  You want to change the situation.  But you cannot.  Once I journeyed through my version of steps 1 to 4 I realized that I now had to let go on focus on what I could control.  Go watch the following link on letting go:  https://youtu.be/tLAoc4HwecU.  It opened my mind as to what level I should be truly letting go.  Focus on existing friendships, family relationships, being a better employer and increasing and improving my business.  I choose to focus on my newly discovered goals and self.  Listen to the podcast with Michelle where she shares her story.

Life worked out.  I have attracted positivity into my life and business again.  My soul is happy.  Yours will be too.

Whether we think we are strong or not, our businesses and jobs get influenced by our personal lives and journeys.  Just maybe, if we get more real about these things- we would all be better off.  Feel free to share your story with me below or any impact this blog may have had on you.

Until next time


Whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it and it will be yours- Mark 11:24

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