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Coach Me

I believe that beauty inspires change.  I inspire change by empowering businesses and consumers within the health, hair, fashion and beauty industry to reach their full potential.

Being in the beauty, hair and fashion business isn’t easy.  In fact almost 80 % of these businesses fail within the first 18 months of opening.  With competition on almost every street corner, how do you make sure your small to medium business stands out from the crowd?

Common issues businesses within these industries experience are:

  1. Business owners are involved, working on a daily basis within the business, thus the financial and administrative needs of the business are not met.
  2. Many business owners within these industries have not been taught the correct business skills in order to successfully run their business profitably.
  3. Others, may have been taught these business skills, however business owners  do not know how to practically implement them.

The result is that business owners work long hard hours, do not have a balanced life and all for minimum profits, poor cash flow and high stress levels.

Coach Me is a program designed to teach basic and advanced business skills and aid you in practically implementing the skills specific to these industries.  The end goal is maximum productivity, managed stress, time managment, efficient cashflow, increased profit margins and the ability to build a reliable team with the correct HR policies and guidelines in place.

Does this sound like what you need?  Of course it does!  Fill in the contact form to receive more information.


Go to www.jaclynivy.co.za

Click on “Coach Me” at the top, right hand side

Click on I’m interested and fill out your details

You will be directed to the “Coach Me- what am I getting into.” page

Read through the information, There is a“sign me up” button you can click at the bottom of the page.

An online contract will pop up, fill out the online contract.

Fill out your payment details on the online contract form.

Click submit.

You will receive a welcoming email together with a link to follow together with your login details to our online learning portal.

Easy Peasy.

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