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My Heart

This life of mine is a journey of self-actualization, the awakening to beauty, inviting women on a journey of identity discovery and self-empowerment.  To rediscover their unique beauty rooted in her self-acceptance.  Reassuring her in her pursuit for purpose.  Rewarding her with an empowered approach to skin care and self-confidence through personal presentation.  Recreating a ripple effect sure to reach others.

About Me

The JACLYN IVY beauty collection consists of products and services that meet the unserved needs of the beauty industry.  Within this JACLYN IVY beauty (business) collection, the group drives change within the beauty industry by the establishment of a network that equips the business owner, educates the everyday woman and that inspires the beauty retail market.  The platform consists of wholesale distribution and education, salon and spa business consulting, retail shopfronts and make-up services, a foundation for skills and business development for the under privileged with a passion for beauty and beauty blogging.

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