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In my opinion, our biggest limitations in both life and in our businesses are our dependance on the thoughts, actions, opinions and most horrifically the beliefs of other people. When focusing on the bigger picture- it’s mind-blowing how much power we leave in the mouths of others.  

We are free thinkers. We are fully capable of navigating our lives independently from those limitations. But, doing so means embracing  a journey and becoming dependant on “me” instead of always first – “we”.

Yes, there is a place for “we”. But you cannot successfully contribute to any “we”in life without first identifying and cementing a belief system in “me”. Back to “me”.

When facilitating vision alignment workshops, I find that people (especially the ladies) are easily able to identify a vision and further goal planning in the context of “we”. A family unit, a work team etc. But, when pushed to isolate a PERSONAL vision and goal planning relevant to themselves only first- they are left stumped? 

Have we forgotten how to dream for ourselves?

It gets me thinking. Our whole lives have been programmed around functioning as a part of a “we”. You are born into a family, you attend a class in daycare and then school where you function in groups. Then you discover sports and are a part of a team. Next up – the dating scene. Engaged. Marriage. In between you start working and form a part of a work team. It’s crazy, right?

Research shows that in these “we” units the focus is on how to APPEAR and not how to actually BE. Read that again. Talk about a BFO ( Blinding Flash of the Obvious).

The “me” is always neglected. We seldomly learn or take time and BE.

So when aligning a personal vision with that of your business, a lot has to happen. The kicker is that there are no shortcuts to dreaming or aligning a vision and write it down in a statement, you need to figure out and dream for “me” before you can align it with a “we” of anything else.  

Think of it like this. When building a structure (Like a wall), it takes many smaller bricks. The structure will only every be as strong as the weakest brick. If you do not strengthen and balance the structure it will eventually come crashing down at some point – hello mid life crisis.

So I dare you to put “me” front and centre this week. Figure our what makes you tick, happy, excited even in the shittiest of times. Discover that and you can fully represent a confidant, goal directed “me” when entering into any “we”. 

Pop me a message for info on my next Coach Me – Vision Alignment workshop and let’s get started on that “me”.

Jaclyn Ivy


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