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Own Your Industry

Own Your Industry

The market is flooded. At some point we all feel this way about our relevant industry. But is it really? Is it (your industry) saturated with diverse industry leaders setting the bench mark or are just an elite few dominating because…you fail to occupy your space?

I’ve been thinking of this concept for a while now and as with most my work – I think about it, dream about it, challenge the idea of it and then one day, BOOM. Pen to journal, fingers to keyboard. The concept clicks.

There is space for you to flourish in an industry your choose to love. As an opinion leader, the bench-mark setter and as an industry expert. All you need to do is claim your spot of radiant sunshine meant just for…YOU. There is enough of it to go around.

A few concepts that got me thinking on this:

->What kind of expert do I want to be?

You’ve been in that conversation, right? Where guidance is needed and the conversation goes: “Oh, the person you should contact is…” 

Is your name in there somewhere when it comes to your chosen, loved industry? If not, you need to get thinking: what do you want to be known for, stand for? Who’s go-to do you want to be? Whether your industry is property, beauty, medicine, or teaching – there is that spot of shining sun for you there waiting for you to claim it. 

->The power of identity

You cannot be what you want to be until you have decided who you want to be and what you want to represent. From birth, we are programmed to function as part of a “we-unit”. A family, a class, a team, a relationship, a marriage. Take time to discover Me. I dare you. Who are you outside of that “we-unit”? 

According to Forbes, identity drives so much of our behaviour that it ultimately determines what we get out of life. Identity plays a crucial role when pursuing the idea of owning your industry. It is said that the greats: the best athletes, top performers and industry guru’s were all absolutely convinced of their greatness before achieving it. If you are not going to pick up the ponpoms and start cheerleading YOU, who do you think is going to do it? 

It starts in the mind and forges your entire identity. Actions and outcomes are the natural manifestations of identity. Science has proven over and over again that reality is created twice: first in the mind and then in your physical reality. This is no hocus pocus ladies and gents. Let’s get going on an #abundancemindset

->Be brilliant by design

“A dream without a plan (set in writing) is just a wish.”

Goals don’t write themselves. Pick up a pen TODAY and start. Just start. It’s hard and your redesign your journey 10000 times. But that’s ok. Keep going, keep planning, keep designing the life you’ll love. If you don’t love it – how do you expect others to be inspired and intrigued by it. 

->In order to lead a tribe you need to first be on their side 

Ah, I just loved that statement above by Douglas Kruger in his book “What makes them great”. He gets into: to lead an industry you need followers. To gain the respect of followers you are in essence wanting to show them who they could be – ultimately you need them on your side or who are you leading? So champion for your cause. For their cause. If owning a gym clothing brand aimed at all forms of woman – be that body positive woman your brand represents. Live it, breath it. As Douglas says: “Wrap out up in its own world and make it immersive.” It seems obvious at first but ultimately when you really think about it – mind blowing concept.

->There are no short cuts, It takes hard work

Malcom Gladwell popularised the theory that it takes 10 000 hours to become an expert. This means hard work, there are no short cuts, like it or not you have to get down and first DO what you want to one day lead in. So, this may not be the news you want to hear when planning your journey to owning your industry but it is the honest truth. Work experience means nothing when you its not relevant to the industry you dream to lead.

I leave you with this for today. Premium positioning in an industry is a choice. An abundance mindset manifesting wealth and a passion for what you do is a choice. Barriers exist only in your mind.

Get hustling, you’ve got work to day and dreams to achieve

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– Jaclyn Ivy

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